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Welcome to EEESafe

Welcome to our Website.

We exist because we want to look after the planet, it's people and their local environment.

Let the Letters tell the story of what we are about. Environment - Education - Everyone. But that's not all. We believe we represent this beautifully with 3 more letters. Safety - Sustainability - Skills and this is why!

Part of the planet called the EU, rule that we must handle our Electrical Waste better and at EEESafe, we prevent waste and call it a Resource. We want to use that Resource at a local level and see it as a community asset we can utilise to help the poor and deliver skills for a sustainable planet within a Circular Economy model.

Because raw materials for manufacturing imported goods are running out, we can no longer live in a throwaway society, so we want you to help us keep what we no longer want to own within the local community. The product range we want you to engage with us, is Large Domestic Appliances. Working with us you'll be part of the process of helping each other and your community through making more Appliances available at a low cost and lowering the cost of repair. You will also be helping reduce the huge energy demands by reducing national transportation and recycling that takes part in other areas of the country. By feeding the hunger of organisations who want our waste, we lose the asset, it's value to the community and the chance to create new jobs in your locality.

Lets create more repair work for local Appliance Technicians and give them or Donate To Us your Old Appliance, to make it someone else's New Appliance. When a Refurbished Repair Appliance comes from an unregulated source, it's important that you know the Appliance has more chance of being the cause of the Thousands of Fires caused by faulty Appliances that could result in Child Fatalities

Using our Registered Technicians to repair your Appliances, will not only mean the likelihood of a Safer Appliance, but you will have prevented waste, helped someone local, and made more low cost goods available for your friends and family, Local Charities, Social Services and Support Groups.

Look for the Safety Labels on Refurbished or Reused Appliances that you can buy from your Local EEESafe Centre if you want to lower the risks of a household fire.

Why Choose EEE Safe

We want EEESafe Domestic Appliance Technicians (DAT’s) or Community Repairers based on Housing Estates, Domestic Appliance Repairers (DAR's) to be your first choice for Appliance Repairs. This Competence based Register of Technicians, with consumer support, will hopefully become your repairer of choice if one or more of your priorities are swayed by the social, environmental and educational benefits of using them. We can offer a Community Training Programme to a safe standard and engage Local Authorities and Housing Associations to help deliver new Jobs and provide increased repair work to existing Appliance Repairers who join the standard.
Large Domestic Appliances disappeared from local help groups from 2007 due to the EU’s Weee Directive. Where Charities and Support groups used to help out, they can do so no longer because Manufacturers Producer Compliance Schemes took them away to feed their large companies and create jobs in other parts of the Country. So all local communities lost out on job opportunities and social outcomes that helped the local people. We lost touch with each other and the struggle many people had locally, just got worse. Many of these groups then received hundreds of letters asking for free donations of these items to help needy people, but there were none available.
We are transitioning to a new world through the pressures of disappearing earth resources, climate change and lower energy demands. The challenge lies before us as we learn to live sustainably for future generations. Therefore it means fixing things more and we need to keep out rogue repairers who overcharge, don't fully understand the circuitry and consequently leave high risk of fire and accidents in homes. In 2011/12 there were 2000 Fires directly caused by faulty Large Domestic Appliances. It can only get worse without giving Consumers a Brand they can Trust and delivers on so many other local benefits.
If you are buying a New Appliance then we would love it if you would purchase using our Retail Partner the Co-op Electrical. Why? because they have agreed not to remove the old Appliance from the Community and leave it for us to find a Competent Repairer and offer a low cost Appliance. Doing this, you will be helping us to do our job and you could be helping family, friends or just someone who needs help in your community. You'll also be helping to ensure the item will be less likely to go up in flames from being repaired by someone who is not proven competent by a separate Standards Organisation, such as EEESafe.