Community Appliance Repairers

Appliance Safety Register

EEESafe Training Course

Domestic Appliance Technician

  • Submits Repair Readings on home Repairs

  • Recommends our Register

  • Assessed on Ohms Law  Knowledge

  • Guaranteed to be Insured

  • Uses Calibrated Test Equipment

  • Generates Local Leads

  • Refurbisher Competence Option

Unique Features

  • Follows Manufacturer Guidance

  • Notification Service for Landlords and Consumers

  • Optional Links to Donate Used Appliances to Charity

  • Evidences Tackling Poverty

  • Evidences Carbon Savings in the Community

  • Can Intercept Used Appliance Recalls

  • Multi-Function APP integration

Quality & International Branding

  • Combined 45 Years Industry Experience

  • Based on Haynes Manuals & to NVQ level 2

  • Flexible Delivery Options

  • Fast Route Options for existing Repairers

  • Installation Course the EEESafe Way

  • Training the Trainer Solutions for Reuse Groups

  • Can be used with Apprentice Models

Why EEESafe?

Previously EEESafe’s CEO had worked for a Charity in the Reuse and Repair Sector for over 15 years.

He discovered many things that prevent some great reuse and repair organisations from doing a safer job helping their own communities. Waste Prevention was and still is too costly, and doesn’t fully benefit the communities where waste arises.

UK Governments now have Reuse and Repair Strategies to align with policies, therefore more people are going to reuse and repair Large White Goods, the cause of many Fires from Product recalls, but also a big EEEWaste problem internationally.  We intend to generate more local work to a safe standard, and also create leads for those willing to be accountable in operating a safer trusted standard, that’s independent of manufacturers whose main aim is to sell new items.  Resources of Raw materials to make these items are running low internationally and we think it’s time to educate and engage local communities and repairers, the value of repairing first to prevent debt, and to locally collect the valuable materials from irreparable items for local spares.  Doing this using EEESafe, puts real money back in to the local community.

In particular, Electrical Appliance Repairs had no 3rd Party Competent Persons independent scheme or standard to provide consumers with assurances they deserve. Many are left with household dangers due to incompetency and a distinct lack of the right depth of knowledge of how an Appliance works.

Whilst they are good practices, PAT Testing does not make an appliance safe to use and nor does Function Testing.  Even UK Government says EEESafe is Safer than minimum level required for Reuse and Repair of Electrical Appliance Reuse. UK Government even accept that the Skills of an Electrician are not directly transferable to Appliance Repairs. Proven depth of knowledge is part of being EEESafe Registered, including as well as evidence of the right insurance, calibrated equipment and recording of safe repairs.  Consumers need a recognised brand, free from rogues and monitored independently and one that evidences local regeneration, environmental protection and tackles poverty.

If an independent Refurbisher or Repairer doesn’t know what they’re looking for, then they can easily miss dangers that could contribute to the cause of serious accidents and fires.

Additionally, with no system to ensure Product Recalls were monitored on a 24/7 basis, and captured in the online resale sector, we felt we had to take action. Product Recalls are a known Fire Risk and research shows that 80% of all recalls are unknown.  Benefits such as leads, higher safety and donations to charity are evidenced,  monitored and rated when using the forthcoming EEESafe App for Consumers and EEESafe DATs/DARs in Appliance Repairs.

We love Reuse and Repair and because of the dangers in a lack of regulation and standards on Electrical Reuse, EEESafe was put in place.

So we’ve put together solutions to help all stakeholders. We are currently promoted by the UK Fire Service and the Insurance Sector and we engage with government on Social Justice, Waste Prevention and Climate change matters. We are even promoted in Local Authorities and Housing Associations particularly through our National Appliance Safety Register, which is also available to households.

If you are a Charity, Landlord, Housing Association, Community Group or an Appliance Repair business then we invite you to work with us. We have many ways of helping you achieve your objectives and provide revenue streams during the process.

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