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In 2012 there were 2000 Fires caused by Large Kitchen Appliances.

In 2014 there were 1.2 Million new fire risks from large kitchen appliances alone.

Our Register is promoted by the Fire Service and UK Fire Investigators. Together we want to help reduce fires and locate the 80% missing locations of all Product Recalls.

Independent from any Manufacturer, we can supply you their own recommendations when one of their Products becomes an issued Recall and a potential fire risk.  However, we do not sell any products or services, giving you and your Tenants the assurance you won’t be targeted for products or service by any third parties.

If you are looking for a Registered EEESafe Domestic Appliance Technician (EEESafe DAT) for service work, we can pass your details on. Please note we are independent and do not conduct repairs. We separately offer a Register of Repairers who are assessed by Industry Criteria.  We check that they are allowed to operate in the UK, have Insurance and calibrated equipment as well as undertake an online test on Ohms law.  EEESafe DATs are also known as Community Repairers helping the environment and working with EEESafe to tackle Poverty.

We recommend them over Electricians who are not required to have Appliance Safety Knowledge in their qualifications.

All EEESafe DATs are rated by customers and are required to record safety details on repairs, and offer to Register their customers Appliances to the Register.

Appliance Customer

Consumer Phone which is optional but please fill in case an email notification enters your spam folder. We'll only attempt to call if you don't acknowledge receipt of our email to inform you that you have a Product Recall in your home.

Required to notify you of an Appliance Safety Risk

Appliance Safety Register

Printed on a Register Leaflet

Serial Numbers can be important as only certain revisions may be unsafe.

If you are a Landlord, you can have a Free Landlord Code from us. You could then issue this to your tenants as well as a single email contact. We would then be able to provide you with a report of all your properties. We are recognised by one Large Insurance Group who could offer you up to a 20% Discount on your Buildings Insurance. If would would like a Code, please Email us at for information. Quotes can be obtained at

We will send very few emails. Please add us to your safe senders list. If not checked, you will only be contacted if your Appliance becomes the subject of a Manufacturer Recall

Appliance Type
The manufacturer of your Appliance
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