Community Appliance Repairers

Appliance Safety Register

EEESafe Training Course

Domestic Appliance Technician

  • Submits Repair Readings on home Repairs

  • Recommends our Register

  • Assessed on Ohms Law  Knowledge

  • Guaranteed to be Insured

  • Uses Calibrated Test Equipment

  • Generates Local Leads

  • Refurbisher Competence Option

Unique Features

  • Follows Manufacturer Guidance

  • Notification Service for Landlords and Consumers

  • Optional Links to Donate Used Appliances to Charity

  • Evidences Tackling Poverty

  • Evidences Carbon Savings in the Community

  • Can Intercept Used Appliance Recalls

  • Multi-Function APP integration

Quality & International Branding

  • Combined 45 Years Industry Experience

  • Based on Haynes Manuals & to NVQ level 2

  • Flexible Delivery Options

  • Fast Route Options for existing Repairers

  • Installation Course the EEESafe Way

  • Training the Trainer Solutions for Reuse Groups

  • Can be used with Apprentice Models

Why EEESafe?

For many years and through previous funding I secured for a Charity I helped to setup, I was able to help thousands of people through the diversion of Furniture and Household appliances. These people were jobless, supported by 3rd sector groups, in poverty or Just About Managing (JAM).

During the first year, I was amazed to discover that there was no requirement for any qualifications or safety protocols to undertake refurbishment and repairs of Large Domestic Appliances. Discovering why a PAT Test on it’s own was not a means of safe use, but also detection of other accident risks were missed unless someone had the correct depth of knowledge.

Research showed a demise of these skills because largely we were a throwaway society, and in the early years found it very difficult to find anyone local who held the experience.

Experience and further research showed that appliances we were refurbishing were in actual fact at risk of Fire and Accidents because they were existing recalls. We didn’t have the correct insurance or systems in place to cover damage to home owners, or housing associations where refurbished appliances were places. Also the location of 80% of these recalls were unknown and worse still was that Manufacturers were historically failing to inform those known owners, where there was an existing risk. Where a message was placed on their website, we had no way of knowing if each owner was informed.

So I decided that many of these issues could be addressed through a more efficient model that addressed, Safety, Sustainability, Waste Prevention, Environment, Skills Shortages, Poverty & local job creation.

The idea of the EEESafe model gradually came from a desire to do things differently and disrupt the existing systems that were removing “in demand goods” to other parts of the UK. The advent of the WEEE Directive meant national schemes were removing goods via local authorities that local communities wanted to purchase at the lowest cost. Reducing waste at the most local level would benefit everyone.  It was a complex model and a challenge to address, but something was needed to replace and reduce the need for Government Funding and stop creating jobs outside the local community,

I’m pleased today to have become a known safe consumer brand in Electrical Refurbishment and Repair of White Goods appliances. We’re proud now to be announcing the next phase and development of our new website, new International Appliance Register at  and our Training Programme development which will be available shortly. The introduction of Reused Recyclable parts to reduce costs and increase more repair, is unique in the UK within the holistic model we’re releasing.  Particularly as giving repairers and consumers the ability to sell Functional and Cosmetic parts, brings them local revenue streams, as well as being part of the Sustainable Solution.  The next strategy is also in place beyond this phase, which will prove really exciting for those who engage, and interested in building a local sustainable community under your own direction and control.

Please come and join us now and help to build your Community. Our Appliance Register is Free and whether you register your appliance with manufacturers or not, there is no cost to Registering with us. We however, will provide you with more useful features and and methods of disposal that will deliver increased local employment, with a safer and more efficient local economy where you live.

Robert Alexander


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