EEESafe Repair Qualification

We believe we are  innovating community development through Safe Practices and building a Trusted Sustainable Network of Repair Communities.

Positioning ourselves as the Regulatory arm of White Goods Repairs (where their currently is none), we can ensure safer practices and create Certifications and Qualifications, delivered independently with our Partners and a network of Training Centres we seek to recruit. Our Standard has already been evidenced as Safer than a British Standard.

We are the holders of the first independent and Innovative Appliance Safety Register, An award winning Community Model delivering true and evidenced Sustainability looking after the planet at a Local Level; as well as geared to create Community Cash for needy groups and people where they live to help Tackle Poverty.

Innovatively, they all work together in a future 5 Brand Dovetailed Model, and are unified potentially Internationally, using a LocalitEEE Currency called the EEECoin. that creates and delivers regular funding through community engagement of the LocalitEEE Platform.

Through our Training programme we can and hope to create safer regulated community home and work based Electrical Appliance Repairers to also include ICT repairers in the UEEESafe certification.  This is good for the local economy, and also helps us create Recycled Spares, fitted by a Competent Person, to help reduce costs and engender more repair in all UK Communities.

Until our new Website is launched, a fuller detail of our background and the challenges we seek to meet can be found HERE.