EEESafe Repair Qualification
EEESafe & LocalitEEE

We believe we are  innovating community development through Safe Practices and building a Trusted Sustainable Network of Repair Communities.

Positioning ourselves as the Regulatory arm of White Goods Repairs (where their currently is none), we can ensure safer practices and create Certifications and Qualifications, delivered independently with our Partners and a network of Training Centres we seek to recruit. Our Standard has already been evidenced as Safer than a British Standard.

We are the holders of the first independent and Innovative Appliance Safety Register, An award winning Community Model delivering true and evidenced Sustainability looking after the planet at a Local and Global Level. We are constituted as a Social and Environmental Company, stronger, more transparent and constituted to give away between 5% and 75% of profits to individuals in need where they live.  This will be done on a daily basis and voted by the community, who Register their Appliances on The Register Your Appliance Website. We will show you how we will stop Product Recalls from being sold online through or repair and reuse safety model, and we anticipate over a 5 year period, we will be fulfilling our Social Mission by daily giving away up to £82k Annually, per 20,000 households who engage with us. (There are 28M households in the uk), Think what we can achieve together.

Non Profit organisations can pay their staff what they like, incl bonuses and pensions before they give anything back to society, but our business model goes further than that or any Charity.  Because we must tackle poverty, avoid greed and transparently show each community what we’re doing for them when they engage. so that we can begin to engage citizens in their own local Circular Economy where they live, and work with Electrical Repairers who will commit to our Safety Standard and Compliance Processes. (Certified or Qualified)

Our innovative 5 Brand Dovetailed Model is our roadmap to a new civil society, where citizens become part of the supply chain and are unified Internationally, using a your own LocalitEEE Non-Crypto Currency called the EEECoin. (Economy, Environment and Employment) – where you live. 

Through our Training programme we can and hope to create safer regulated community homes through building Community and Work based Electrical Appliance Repairers and now also include ICT repairers in the UEEESafe certification.  This is good for the local economy, and also helps us create Recycled Spares, fitted by a Competent Persons, to help reduce costs and engender more repair in all UK Communities of all household items.

Our new Website is due to be launched 4th quarter 2022, where you will see just how we’re going to start the journey on our Roadmap, to the End Game Local Circular Economies in our communities. This is an exciting Journey we are going on and we hope you’ll join us on this, as we seek to reach Net Zero and you will see how we will evidence that in our model.  Why not take a look at our 6P’s and 12A’s to get a glimpse of where we’re going.  A full background of where EEESafe came from and the challenges we seek to meet can be found HERE.