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Welcome to our National Appliance Safety Register Program

prevent home fires eeesafeResearch has shown that there are almost 80% of Manufacturer Product Recalls remaining at risk in UK households.  At EEESafe we already hold thousands of Appliance Registrations information about where New and Used Appliances are located in the UK.  We are now opening up the opportunity for you to register your Large Domestic Appliances with us.   By registering with us, you will receive automatic notification from us, when and if your Appliance becomes part of a Product Recall where a Manufacturer considers your Large Domestic Appliance “at risk”. Despite our calls to Government to do more about this, they have taken no new action to raise awareness of our standard or our service.  We’ve been encouraged by consumers to take action ourselves to help you keep your home Safer from Fires caused by Faulty Large Appliances. Register appliances eeesafeDid you know there were 2000 Household Fires recorded by the Government in 2011/12, due to faulty Large Domestic Appliances and 350,000 serious accidents from all appliances.  EEESafe, similar to the objectives of GAS Safe and as a White Goods Appliance Repair Standards Body, want to minimise the risks of these Fires by informing you directly when a Recall is issued. So we are offering you an opportunity  to tell us what Large Domestic Appliances you have in the home.  Through responsibly holding this information, you will be part of a growing network who will be notified by us when a Manufacturer Product Recall is issued.  You can then take quick action and follow the instructions issued by the Manufacturer of that product. The Electrical Safety Council has been campaigning Manufacturers for some time to speed up Product Recalls and its their research that demonstrates almost 80% of Recalls are still in households.  We can help you find out sooner…but IMPORTANTLY we can help you with other local benefits as illustrated below.  EEESafe also operates a Competent Person’s Scheme in White Goods Repairs,  your information will enable us to intelligently inform those Registered Repairers what items to prevent from going to landfill.    Please Note: Under No circumstances will we provide anyone with information about your Appliance without your consent. We only utilise Product Geographic information to help provide lower costs for spares in your community to lower your repair costs.  EEESafe is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 and no one other than EEESafe will store your information.