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Registered Charities and Social Enterprises

The EU gave us the WEEE Directive
which means that Producers of Electrical Items need to ensure they properly handle Electrical Waste and pay accordingly for the Waste created.

Household Appliances as Electrical Waste, are removed from the local council Recycling Centres or Civic Amenity sites, by approximately 30 Producer Compliance Schemes and other partner organisations who are paid by the Manufacturers to evidence and meet collection targets agreed each year.

This means they NEED those items for their Factories in other parts of the countries could not survive.  All of this creates jobs where the factories are sited and also needs more energy to transport, shred and repair appliances. (Not good for the Environment)
It also means that those “community assets” are removed from the local areas from when they are produced.  These are the  consequence of that process that affect local Charities.

  • Less Appliances to sell and raise funds
  • Less Revenue streams to meet the cost of the local Charity shop
  • Less People to help who need those appliances. (We have researched this)

You can help your local Charity access more goods by donating your Old Appliances to EEESafe’s LocalitEEE Sustainable Living Platform. Here we can find Competent and Safe Repairers known as EEESafe Domestic Appliance Technicians who will attempt to prevent it becoming waste.  By keeping the items in the local area, they can be used to help those who cannot afford new appliances.  When you donate your Appliance to EEESafe, and when it’s sold you will generate a Social Currency that will be able to be spent only in your local community.  You can share the revenue with us and then give it to your Charity, in addition to what we put back in to help tackle poverty.

EEESafe operates the National Appliance Safety Register, which also ensures customers do not receive appliances that are at risk of a fire.  Registered Charities at the moment do not monitor or ensure appliances are not a fire risk.  Only EEESafe offers this free service and monitors it on an ongoing basis.  You can register your current appliances and check out why at THIS LINK.

You can also donate your appliance and possibly receive money to give to your charity on our forthcoming upgraded Appliance Safety Register

You can also help our work in helping Charities, buy purchasing your New Appliance with one of our Retail Partners.  CLICK HERE

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