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Keep it Local and save money

eeesafe centreIf the costs of spares and repairs are lower because we have intelligent market knowledge to keep Appliances in the Local Community, then these savings can be passed on by making available low cost appliances to the community.

By making your home safer through our National Appliance Safety Register we will be able to guide Registered Centres and EEESafe DATs as well as Consumers, how to obtain  Quality Assured Recycled Spares in the locality in which they live.   This means Genuine Manufacturers Spares for everyone that will help reduce the thousands of Household Fires caused by Faulty Large Domestic Appliances, as reported by the Government.

As Consumers, if you want to purchase these Quality Assured Spares, then when you donate your old Appliance to us we will endeavour to locate a Centre or Competent Person.  We will GIVE them the appliance and it’s entirely possible they may be able to repair it using Genuine Manufacturer Spares.

Using Spares that will be on sale from the EEESafe Local Online Shops and Tested to our Standards Protocol at, these will be made available for you and your Community and Registered EEESafe Repairers.  Centres and their shops will be coming to your area later in the year, as we market our services with the help of your donated appliances to EEESafe.

This will increase Waste Prevention as well as offer increased availability of Low Cost Appliances carrying our Safety Labels.

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