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Local Job Creation

Local Community JobsBy driving repair back into the Community, we can give existing repairers work that was lost because goods were shredded or dismantled and went to another part of the country.

In some cases the goods would be exported abroad. Working with EEESafe, where we can establish local registered EEESafe Training Centres we’re looking to create new EEESafe Community Repairers (EEESafe DARq’s (Domestic Appliance Repairers, Qualified).

Because the industry has seen huge decline in recent years, there is scope to bring new entrants into the sector, especially where there are gaps in various regions in the UK. Where there are existing Repairers, we encourage them to Register and commit to encouraging customers to keep items they are replacing, as close to the local community as possible.

Additionally if Consumers will consider purchasing New Appliances via EEESafe or their Local EEESafe Centre Online Shop, more Jobs could be created.  Doing this via its Retail Partners they will be supporting this Ethical & Sustainable Purchasing process, that brings local revenue and helps those in the poverty directly within their own community.  There is no price difference from purchasing from our Retail Partners if they are on our list.

With more Local Authorities and Social Housing Schemes looking to manage their own Repairs, or using Registered EEESafe DATs, there are new Job Creation opportunities within their own organisations.   The Trade Associations say that the average age of a Repairer is 56, so our Training Schemes will also help facilitate assistants for existing Repairers to take on Apprenticeships as we seek to live more sustainably.

Help us to ensure we assist local opportunities by donating your older appliances to us, so we can get them into our Centres or to Local Registered Repairers.

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