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Local Regeneration

Working with EEESafe will bring increased Repair work for local Repairers.

From our perspective, these will be local Repairers (EEESafe DATs)  who will not only be willing to register their business with us as the White Goods Repair Standards organisation, but who will also be committed to keeping the older appliances in the community.  We don’t want old appliances to go to Scrap Merchants until they’ve been properly assessed for repair.  An EEESafe Centre by it’s agreement with us will have a safe process of repair, probably already utilising volunteers or Trainees from our Training Programme.  So they will have more chance of fixing it cost effectively through utilising the Quality Assured Recycled Components Protocols laid down by us.

Where they haven’t, they will be networked with other EEESafe Centres across the United Kingdom.  Visit a Sample Online Local Shop belonging to a Centre HERE where you will be able to purchase Spares and Appliances Locally when one arrives in your town.  Centres can buy or even sell parts to other Centres, via our Intelligent Online Spares System.  Even the Public can buy Genuine Manufacturers Recyled Spares that will be tested and handled according to the REEESafe Protocol and thus ensure a quality standard that’s safe and benefits each consumer, whilst diverting more Electrical Waste.

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Because Consumers could now save some money on repairs to spend on other local businesses we’re contributing to our local economy.  Perhaps it’s not a massive amount but it could be just enough to give the family a local treat or purchase a small gift for a friend or the family.   It can also help prevent people getting into debt.  We don’t always need something new and the temptation to commit to a lease, rental or a purchase of a new appliance could be minimised.  We are encouraged by Government Policies and Strategy to reuse and repair more, so here’s a great opportunity to get involved.

Working this way, free from Manufacturer or Retailer influence we should also see more Safely Repaired and Low Cost Appliances in our local community.  What a great way to help others free up some regular valuable family income, and purchase if from the Local EEESafe Centre or a Local Retailer.

Don’t forget, if you are buying a new Appliance then you can also support our work by purchasing via our Retail Partners, who offer the choice to leave the old Appliances in the Community to help someone who can’t afford a New Appliance.

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