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Safety in the home

Dishwasher FireThere were 2000 Household Fires recorded by the Government in 2011-12 which were caused by faulty Large Domestic White Goods.  You can read an article and a link to the National Statistics HERE  and also see the 350,000 Serious Accidents researched by the Electrical Safety Council at THIS LINK.

There are many other News Articles on Safety in the Kitchen on the Internet reported by BBC, ITV and National Newspapers and whilst we don’t wish to alarm consumers unnecessarily, we do want to bring in a best practice based on Safer Standards on the Repair of Household Appliances.

Homeowners can improve their Safety and help Impoverished people in their community by Registering their Large Household Appliances at the National Appliance Safety Register.

Further Safety can be achieved if you choose to work with a  Registered Competent Person who is not just part of a Tradesman’s Directory, but one who is monitored by the Standards Organisation (EEESafe) themselves AND who commits to Environment and Social Outcomes at a Local Level.

We are sure there a lot of good White Goods repairers out there, but it must be more assuring to Consumers to have a 3rd Party organisation who not only ensure they have insurance, are entitled to be in the country and have the correct calibrated equipment, but who are also assessed on their basic electrical knowledge, before allowing them to Register.

 (Did you know that its a Myth, according to The Health & Safety Executive, that you need an Electrician to repair a White Goods Appliance) 

In almost 40 years of Appliance Training Experience most electricians are surprised how much they don’t know.

You can recognise a Registered Home Repairer by his Card, and where EEESafe Centres exist, you can ask to see the Registered Workshop repairers.

DAT Card eeesafe WHite goods repair dat register
Additionally, you’ll be able to recognise an Approved Refurbished Appliance by the EEESafe Labels on the back of the Appliances, which will also show you the Centre or EEESafe DAT who repaired the item. We hope we’ve shown you that by Using EEESafe, Weee’re Safe.  This is true from not only a Safety Perspective, but also when it comes looking after your Community, Your Country and Your Planet. eeeSafe Safety Labels
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