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Community Trust Fund

Community Trust Fund and eeesafeEEESafe wants to support local community projects and therefore has set up a Community Trust Fund which you can help build.

Every time you make a Purchase of a New Appliance from one of our Retail Partners, we will add £1 to the Fund and only allow locally registered community projects to apply for funds.

There are Millions of Appliances purchased each year, so this will be a great way to help your local community group. When you click on the Link, you’ll be taken to the page of the Retail Organisations who’ve chosen to work with EEESafe.

They have elected to leave the Appliance that is being replaced, on the basis that it will go to a Registered Competent Appliance Repairer, such as EEESafe DATs. (Domestic Appliance Technicians)

Don’t think that purchasing your New Appliances through this Ethical process means compromising on price.  The same online offers available via any online supplier will be available to you, but working with us, will help make more low cost appliances available to your local community.

We will seek to allocate them to those who are Registered with EEESafe. Our research has shown that there is a shortage all over the United Kingdom of these appliances.  Womens Aid Group, Homeless Departments and Local Charities are all in need of Refurbished Appliances to help even their own families and friends who have fell on hard times.

Each time you take a delivery of a New Appliance, the replaced item leaves your community and ends up in another part of the country and sometimes even abroad, not only supplying job prospects in other areas, but leaving your own neighbours without the help they could receive.

Help us build the Fund so we can support your local groups, reduce their debt, reduce carbon emissions and help your local repair industry lower your own Appliance repair costs.  Purchase your Appliances HERE, to grow the Trust Fund.

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