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Business and EEECoins

Evidence your CSR

Did you know that some countries in the world, require businesses to demonstrate their Social & Corporate Responsibility.  Here in the UK, it’s not required, but working with us, you can be sure it’s automatic.

A Business Directory Entry which is Free, will show anyone looking at your entry, the communities that you have helped.  It will show the detail of how your business is supporting the community at the location of the business. This includes the amount of money and currency that has been created for the community, because they will use the Communities Online Local Shop, and receive leads when some items are replaced. (Subscription Only)

This is a great way to demonstrate your local commitment and not only keep your existing custom, but hopefully you’ll be gaining some new ones.

Local Business EEECoins

This is a great idea for local businesses to demonstrate their Community Social Responsibility.

Local EEECoins created by businesses, because of EEESafe Financial Donations, ensure get ring-fenced right down to the Community where you live.  A business can purchase them and allocate them locally, if they so choose.

How cool is it to know that you can see exactly where each bit of the Social Currency has been spent. You can see right how  each community member who was a recipient is using your EEECoin, providing they choose to share their own contributions.

If it was a homeless person or family receiving Food or a Washing Machine, purchased with your EEECoins, they you can feel good knowing its gone to a worthy person, who is part of your Local Community.

If you want to know more about EEECoins, then visit this LINK.

Giving back to your Community

As a business, If you sell your own goods or services in the Community LocalitEEE Shop, you’ll be attributed for the Free 25% from Sales fees, donated by EEESafe.  They will be putting the equivalent EEECoins into the Community Currency pot.

Again, this will be shown in your Business Directory Entry, within the Communities shops you’ve used.  Whether is £10 or £1000, your organisation will be featured.  After initial launch you will be asked to pay a small Subscription fee for being able to do this which will enable your own Dashboard, with metrics updated to your Directory Entry, and have the opportunity of leads from the local people, who will most likely support those who support them.

Local Social Network and Metrics

Once registered and an annual Business Listing fee is paid,  you can sell new goods and services directly into the LocalitEEE shop. Only Subscribed Businesses will have their metrics details added to their Directory Entry and displayed to the Community.

Buy supporting the Local community, we hope to encourage local people and businesses to operate a principle of #Responsible Consumption.  Metrics of Carbon and Energy Saved will be shown on goods that are not going to waste, as well as the raw materials that are diverted from Waste, much of which will become local spares inventory to lower repair costs.

With no annoying advertising on the platform, because all offers and adverts will be in the Shop, people can get on and manage their own LocalitEEE.  With their own Local Social Network and multiple Apps to follow, they can engage in popular local groups, rate businesses and each other, to help build a thriving community.  The EEECoin will unite all communities in the UK and has potential to scale internationally, utilising a currency free of Exchange rates and prevent working in a risk based Crypto model.  As we want to tackle Poverty, it never made sense to engage in gambling, instead preferring to create a currency that is available for all society and records (if you choose) to show how you can pass it to help those who need it.

Community Evidence

By working with Local People, who have joined the Community (by Registering an Appliance) , you’ll be demonstrating your support where your business is located, as well as contributing to making homes safer, and creating local work for local people in the Repair Industry and in many other areas of Waste Prevention.

That’s got to be worth something, when you want an extra tick to procure more local and online business and any of your Funding Applications.

We look to local Businesses to offer a product, a service or even Food for EEECoins, which come from Volunteering in First Time Use.  A section for this will be linked in your Directory Entry.  This will be managed with our App.  For a pub, it could be a pint.  For a Chip Shop, a bag of chips. A Cafe, a nice Cuppa or a Restaurant perhaps a nice meal, even made from locally donated food that would have gone to waste. What a great way to help those less fortunate, but who at least have been out and about where they live, doing some great community work.

Find Local Volunteers or Future EmployEEEs

On our Platform we operate a Volunteer Module, you can put out Volunteer requests for people living locally, to come and help with your business

EEECoins will be offered to Registered Volunteering organisations to administer so there could be some great incentives for local people to help you grow your business and gain evidenced experience, vetted by the Volunteering Organisation. It’s a great chance for them to Volunteer Very Locally, and lower their demands for Travel Costs and minimise their impact on their benefits.

This will help them as the seek Full Time jobs as the evidence of Volunteering can be shared, thus authenticating their CV.