Confused about CPD

Confusion about CPD in recognising competency in White Goods Repairs

Following our previous announcement of the EEESafe Qualification, we decided to take a look at Continuing Professional Development.  The reasons for doing so were that we had realised that some providers in the Appliance Repair Training Sector, seem to place a high value on CPD and could be confused on it’s value, within a Safe Appliance…


New Legislation for Housing misses essential evidence on electrical safety

A new Statutory instrument (SI) for Electrical Safety in Rented accommodation ignores safety advice that Ministers and Lords should have received and reviewed. For 7 years, we’ve been lobbying Government for changes in Guidance around the safety of the repair and reuse of recycled White Goods Appliances.  Particularly when repairing, reusing and recycling them when…


519,000 Whirlpool Washing Machine Recalls

Whirlpool have just recalled up to 519,000 Washing Machines..   The reason given for the problem is related to when the machine is working there is extra current running through the heating element and this could cause the door locking system to overheat. The Hotpoint and Indesit models would have been purchased between October 2014 to…