Share to help us raise funds and build your Local CommunitEEE

Business Sellers may offer new items in our LocalitEEE Shop, as well as advertise for Free.

Just visit LocalitEEE and you’ll see the Shop and other Apps, soon to come on stream.

You can Pre Register there now and even submit your own business in the Directory, preparing to receive leads for your sector, and where you live.

Remember that Purchases of New or used Items in that Community Shop, automatically puts some EEECoins into the Local Community Currency Bank.  That will be used to help people where you live, who cannot afford finance.  Your own Kudos will grow and you can share just how much help you’re putting into the place where you live.  It’s LocalitEEE that puts the money there, so please share when you’re successful on a purchase.

Additionally, all sales of Electrical Kitchen Appliances will be automatically covered for Free in our National Appliance Safety Register.

Just look at the benefits consumers and EEESafe Registered Entries will receive.