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Business Sellers may advertise new or used items in our online Community shop.

Based on the LocalitEEE  Community model they will be able to demonstrate their contributions to the community where they are located.

The shop has been incorporated into the new National Appliance Safety Register.  The holding page gives brief information on the features of this smart but safer model, incorporating the future growth of Repairs in the Community, starting with White Goods.

Purchases of New or used Items in that Community Shop, automatically puts some EEECoins (Social Currency) into the Local Community Currency Bank.  That will be used to help people where you live, who cannot afford finance.  Democratically delivered to those in need, a business can demonstrate transparently and authentically how it supports people where they live.  Initially It’s EEESafe that puts the money and through our Volunteering Module, offers incentives from businesses participating with Products, Food and Services in return for EEECoins.

So whilst providing independent Recall alerts and interception of existing recalls in the White Goods sector, we also begin to tackle local poverty and climate change issues evidenced by our Community Metrics from the shop transactions.

Items can be advertised for free including donating locally, but we recommend selling for small sums or just an EEECoin (10p), to help create local social currency supporting where you live.  Financial Transactions create real cash too, in the online Community bank, owned by the community itself.

Contact us below for more information if you’re interested in working with us.

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