New Legislation for Housing misses essential evidence on electrical safety

A new Statutory instrument (SI) for Electrical Safety in Rented accommodation ignores safety advice that Ministers and Lords should have received and reviewed. For 7 years, we’ve been lobbying Government for changes in Guidance around the safety of the repair and reuse of recycled White Goods Appliances.  Particularly when repairing, reusing and recycling them when…

Caple Fridge Recall Announced

We are notifying readers of a New Product Recall from Caple which concerns a Refrigerator.  All our existing appliance register owners have been searched and we’re pleased to announce that none of them owned one of these Fridges.

Details of the Recall and instructions of what to do if you own one of these can be found below.

Please note our new Website (Under Construction) for future registrations. We’re excited about this and it’s new feature set. UK Government are aware and engaged with us on this.