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Raise funds for your charity register with eeesafeEEESafe is a social business who are facilitating Community Resource Efficiency Hubs throughout the United Kingdom.

If you want to raise funds for your favourite charity through the disposal of any household items you no longer require, then we have made it easy for you.

Just visit our own National Resource Hub at THIS LINK.  This will take you to our fund raising shop where you can donate items that will be made available for sale nationally, in an online auction.  You must have an email address and your charity must be able to receive electronic payments.   All you need to do offer a product to our Hub, and we will do the rest.

EEESafe has over 12 years experience of the Reuse Sector and can put many organisations in touch who would be pleased to purchase your goods.  We have worked with Social Services, Homeless Departments, Domestic abuse support groups and many other Charities who are helping disadvantaged people in local communities all over the UK.

You may be offering a bike, an item of furniture, a mobile phone, a computer or an electrical appliance amongst many other items.  All we ask is that you ensure it’s completely reusuable and describe its condition clearly and adding some pictures to help someone make a positive decision on it’s purchase.

Through this process we hope to raise awareness that Communities and groups can run their own Community Resource Efficiency Hub and enable easy collection and delivery processes at a local level.  Running a Hub doesn’t necessitate the need for a fleet of vehicles or a warehouse and all the costs associated with that.  It promotes a community manager running a Hub in its own close housing estates, where often the need exists but the giver is unknown.   Household goods are then taken usually to the HWRC site, when in fact good neighbours actually live on the estates who will are willing to help.   Doing this to build your own local community will help change the throwaway society and assist those your neighbours who sometimes just need a little bit of help.

Work with us to help others and to give you that incentive, we will pay 50% of net proceeds to your chosen charity,  for goods that are sold in the Auctions we run.


  • Preventing Waste going to landfill
  • Utilising Old Products to help Local Impoverished Communities.
  • Assisting Local Support Organisations to help their Client Groups such as The Homeless, Womens Aid Groups and many others struggling in austere times.
  • Lowering Carbon Emissions
  • Lowering Waste Disposal Costs of your Local Authorities
  • Capturing Valuable Resource to assist your own Community, Friends and Familiy
  • Supporting National and Local Retailers who subscribe to working with EEESafe
  • Help to create local jobs and providing more local Green Skill Training Opportunities
  • Lowering costs of Domestic Appliance Repairs and Supporting our EEESafe Skilled and Safe Repairers
  • Help prevent more people getting into debt.