“At an organisational level, ecodesign considers materials, processes and practices. It can identify layers of waste but also layers of value. Effective ecodesign requires collaboration and is system-oriented, multidisciplinary and cross-functional. It involves changing people’s behaviour.”

That is a quotation from Ecodesign Centre which is an organisation sponsored and started by Welsh Government back in 2006.

We believe in getting the White Goods Sector and it’s stakeholders together to look at how goods can be better designed for repair and disassembly and give important consideration to the environment and social place that White Goods play in everyday life.

Washing Machine Design eeeSafeEcodesign Centre believe, “that society can no longer ignore the environmental impacts of everyday decisions” and we believe we need consumers to begin to buy White goods via the EEESafe website as part of those everyday decisions.   By doing that you can help the Environment and your Local Community as explained HERE.  We are trying to keep these Goods in the local community to help those who can’t afford new ones.

When making a decision on where and how to buy goods, consumers must take responsible decisions that will impact the Social and Environmental outcome of their activity.   It’s not just enough to consider the Energy Reduction of an appliance, its equally important to consider the Embedded Carbon and its cost in the manufacture and transportation to these islands of the United Kingdom.

Ecodesign Centre are also involved in Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) which is an important concept to understand when making decisions that impact your local community.  See THIS PAGE for more information and we hope that by working together collaboratively, consumers will be able to independently evaluate the Social Aspect in the overall decision making process.  We no longer manufacture these goods in the UK, we have to import them, so lets keep them in the community before passing them to the Local Council sites where they are taken away.  See our Video on this if you can spare 3 minutes.

We want to engage Designers with Appliance Repairers and feed that information to the Manufacturers, so that we can all benefit through interaction and consider the Future Generations and how they will live without the depleting resources of our planet.

“Good Design is a Behaviour”…says Frank O’Connor of Eco Design.  Watch Frank’s presentation at the Symposium of Swansea Institute of Sustainable Design.  ISD promotes and supports the work of EEESafe.  We highly recommend visiting the ISD website to see their work.

Please support our cause and share this information so we can live more sustainably.

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