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Announcing EEESafe’s Blueprint for a Local Circular Economy Model

EEESafe blueprint for local community circular economies. localilteeeWe are proud to publish our EEESafe Blueprint for all Local Communities which we propose to be a Common set of Tools/Apps for all Uk Communities.

We seek to unite all communities to use this model to enable us to deliver a common set of data, that will in effect and when fully developed, be owned by the Communities themselves.

We believe that it’s time to offer a Responsible Consumption model, that will focus on where you live and is free for  citizens to use.  We are a #notforgreed company, distributing profit from our services, as targets are met in each community, to individuals who are chosen by local democratic process where you live and could do with a financial helping hand. Our Wealth Sharing Component will deliver this. 

Below we mention just a few areas for further clarity which is designed to promote engagement.

Central Feature:

This is our Appliance Safety Register which was first announced and available back in 2012 and was known as the National Appliance Safety Register.  It was and still is the only Independent Electrical Appliance repair standard, to help deliver local metrics and benefits to citizens and stakeholders who have an interest in used Electrical Goods. There is a need to preserve Critical Materials on the planet that are required for Country infrastructure, Government Forecasting and deliver responsible green growth. They are vital to supporting a Resource Efficient Economy and in sectors like, Marine Life, Education, Military, Healthcare, Research and Technology Sectors, as well as every individual. We need to keep them in the UK with less dependency on Imports and reduce the need to open up more Mineral Excavations, which themselves are hugely harmful to our planet. 

It’s designed to increase safety in repair of electronics, prevent sales of dangerous electrical goods and product recalls, but also to divert products from landing hundreds of miles away, creating jobs elsewhere and not in your local community. They are taken away when you order new goods online or in local shops, then sold back to us much higher priced than if they were sold locally. Safely dismantling spares locally and selling or gifting them, can reduce repair costs for repairers and consumers alike, and puts consumers in the driving seat for Responsible Consumption.


Citizens, Housing Associations, Repairers, Recycling Centres, Reuse Centres and Retail Shop

All Stakeholders including Citizens will be credited for their contributions to the donations we make and the metrics we gather from their participation. They will concatenate as Community Totals displayed on the Community Page we provide.

Electrical Goods Marketplace: Every community will exclusively access its own Community Marketplace, meticulously crafted to promote growth, expand stakeholder participation, lower repair costs, address climate concerns, prevent E-Waste, and enhance social impact. This platform empowers independent repairers to compete with larger corporations and encourages local repair instead of disposal by making it more cost-effective.

Multiple Layer and Function Model: We are developing numerous features that do not appear on the map but fall under the main brands and layers, yielding innovative results. Everything is interconnected through registration. For example, the Business Directory, which will eventually feature all local businesses in their respective communities (not limited to primary stakeholders), will offer information to assist you in making informed decisions about their contributions to the local community and how much you appreciate their endeavors.

Local Membership: Individuals who take the initiative to register at least one appliance will attain the status of “Member” within their respective local community, determined by the location of appliance usage and registration. This membership grants them the privilege of applying for a £100 grant each time it is disbursed. Importantly, as a member, you hold a vital Voting Right, enabling you to participate in the allocation of these grants to fellow community members who seek assistance. To uphold the ethical values and management of this the Community Administrator designated by us who lives there, will receive funding allocations from us and will be contingent upon the number of citizens who actively use EEESafe Repairers.

The Local Social Network will be restricted to those who live in their community, allocated at the time of registering at least one appliance. This also means we can send you auto-alerts if your product becomes the subject of a Product Recall and let you know the Manufacturers Advice.  Engagement in the network will focus only on matters directly linked to running your own community and aligned with our Mission Statement.  There will be no politics and there will be respect. Use other platforms if you can’t abide by these ethical rules if not then Community Admins will remove you from our platform. Safety of homes and people, together with constructive dialogue and a will to help each other, remains the overriding objective of being sociable.

Sustainability Focus:

While some locals may not prioritize climate and the environment, the metrics we provide serve as informative tools, enabling you to make choices aligned with your values. We don’t impose beliefs, but members must abide by UK law.

In today’s landscape, misinformation is prevalent in such matters, so we encourage fact-checking with reputable sources before deciding to engage with us. Our goal is to establish a trusted environment with reliable administrators, coordinators, and members dedicated to enhancing your local community using our suite of tools.


Driven by a commitment to fairness, we will operate as #notforgreed organisation, completely devoid of shareholders. We strive to set ourselves apart from other non-for profit entities, where, unfortunately, some individuals and companies grant themselves considerable financial rewards albeit legally.

Recognizing that many individuals lack adequate pensions and struggle to survive on state provisions for various reasons, we advocate for responsible “degrowth” through our sharing, renting, and borrowing initiatives. Our aim is to sensibly reduce our consumption and extend support to those facing adversity within a framework built on trust.

We believe in the wisdom of local communities to determine what works best in their unique areas. We champion a democratic decision-making process that involves everyone, ensuring inclusive outcomes. We want to actively collaborate with those who can contribute more, promoting a just and equitable approach that supports those in genuine need.

We welcome stakeholders, charities, CICs, cooperatives, and community groups to encourage their followers to utilize our tools and register appliances. Together, we can make a positive impact and perhaps a paradigm shift, because one thing is sure, what we have globally, isn’t working and we need Change for Good.

Come back and visit this page soon as there will be a link to Register Your Interest with us as a Stakeholder or a Consumer.  There is a lot more to come to help us bring about global change for a fairer and better world for all.

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