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Announcing EEESafe’s EEEPro Repair warranty for Certified Repairers

The “EEEPro Appliance Care” Repair Warranty program has been signed off with our Development team and is designed for independent EEESafe Certified DATc or DATr White Goods Repairers and UEEESafe ICT Verified Repairers. The warranty is tailored to provide comprehensive very local coverage, encompassing both parts and labour, while ensuring minimum standard service levels are met as set by EEESafe.

Be aware that is primarily designed to allow small local independent repairers based locally to help them compete with the larger corporate sectors, when selling additional cover to the Manufacturers warranty which normally doesn’t include parts and labour.  Manufacturers warranties are not usually transferred to a new owner after a new purchase, which means EEEPro is particularly useful for Used and Repaired Items that are sold inside the LocalitEEE Platform, (part of the EEESafe Appliance Register).  It is designed to potentially offer a lower cost warranty option that also connects you to your local LocalitEEE Circular Economy Platform via EEESafe’s Digital Twin model and will be embedded in each UK Community online shop that’s designed to tackle the environment and local poverty.

Every time you use your LocalitEEE shop to sell services or products, EEESafe donates money into your Community Cash Pot, which is given to someone in need and as voted by the Members who have Registered at least one Appliance with EEESafe. This can be up to 75% when we get to Phase 6, which will be quicker if citizens and repairers engage.

Planned Key Features:

Complete Parts and Labor Coverage: With EEEPro Appliance Care, you can rest easy knowing that all necessary parts and labour are included in your Repairers warranty. (subject to any of their additional terms) Recycled Components may also be used, but you’ll be informed of this per repair before a repair is booked on the Platform.

Support: Is provided by the individual repairers and this allows them to compete with larger organisations and potentially offer you a lower repair cost because they are local and can sometimes be home based. Some will be able book appointments directly with consumers via their EEESafe Account and conversely consumers via their Registered Appliance.

Minimum Standard Service Levels: Using the EEESafe Brand, used products sold by repairers locally will carry a 12 month warranty and each repairer can decide whether they offer parts and labour, which sometimes may be an offer they run or part of their service to you.  That warranty program sets minimum standard service and safety levels that repairers must adhere to ensure consistent safe and reliable repairs for all consumers and record a minimum number of repairs monthly with us, which will be added to the records of your appliance, available to the next owner if sold on LocalitEEE via the Register. All Certified Repairers will have completed an Assessment on their knowledge of Electricity and Annually submit compliance information, which may show their own Product Liability Insurance Plan.  Verified Repairers are not required to take this assessment, but they will have some compliance requirements with EEESafe to retain, if they wish to sell EEEPro.  All revenues will go to each repairer and most consumers may wish to use someone who is Certified.

Exclusive Local Network: When you purchase goods or services from EEESafe Repairers online you will have the ability to choose other repairers from your community, so it’s in the interest of EEESafe Repairers to ensure you get the best service at a local level. Access will be given to more Local Apps and services as they become available as we have designed more to be part of your Local Circular Economy to help all citizens and local groups thrive in what they contribute to the local community.

Customer Confidence: Displaying the EEESafe Certification and selling EEEPro Appliance Care communicates trust, safety and reliability to their customers. It demonstrates their commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical repair practices.

Sustainability Focus: EEESafe Repairers play a crucial role in reducing electronic waste. Our program aligns with sustainable repair practices, contributing to a cleaner environment and a more responsible electronics industry. Metrics are Captured on repairs, which include GHG and Waste Savings, Social Value, Contributions to the Money donated by EEESafe for them, and your contributions to someone local in need and who would have also registered their appliance(s).

EEEPro Appliance Care is not just an extended repair warranty; it’s a partnership that empowers you as citizens to provide the best possible ethical repair service and demonstrates to you that we’re building a common community model for all the UK where we hope it will engender a responsible and respectful local attitude.  All local members (Registrants) will see that there are not going to be rich shareholders behind the company as we begin the move to a Company Limited by Guarantee Model and propagate a more responsible consumption model. This should demonstrate to repairers and consumers, our determination and support for local jobs to help build a thriving local economy by evidencing our profits are going local.  Please join us as Citizens and Businesses in revolutionising the repair industry while growing your business, lowering the costs of repair and giving something of worth to help us all engage in a Circular Economy Model.

Choose EEEPro Appliance Care and help us Repair a Broken World – One Community at a Time.

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