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Free Register to help prevent house fires.

Free Registration

A Free Register for your Electrical Appliances. We monitor online that you don’t have a Product Recall. We’ll let you know and give you instructions from the Manufacturers. If there is no problem with your appliance you’ll hear no more. Register HERE.

No Manufacturer Emails Selling additional Products and Services

If you register with EEESafe, you won’t receive any other emails or be on any other companies mailing list. EEESafe don’t sell any Electrical products, so we have no need to contact you, unless your registered product is declared at risk of an Electrical Fire.

Housing Association & Landlord Support

For Landlords, we can issue Landlord Codes and provide a full report of all properties covered. Don’t leave it to your Landlord. Protect your home even if you don’t own the Appliance. Who wants a property to catch fire, especially if it’s free and you can protect yourselves, your neighbours and support local people.

Fire Services Aware

We have previously been promoted in the Chief Officers Fire Association Electrical Fire Safety Week toolkit. This was circulated to every UK Fire service in the country. Included in that was information about our Appliance Safety Register.

Prevent yourself or a neighbour becoming a Casualty

Watch a video from ITV showing what happened to one customer of who had one of Bosch – Hotpoints’ 71,000 Dishwasher Recalls.

Don't be one of the 80% of missing Fire Risks

Research from Electrical Safety first shows that the locations of 80% of all Product Recalls are missing. In 2014 alone, there were 4 New Large Appliance Recalls representing 1.2 Million new fire risks. In one single year, 2000 Large Appliances were the cause of a household fire. The average cost of a fire is £44k and the average cost of a fatality from a fire is £1.6M. Protect Tax Payers money and Register.

Strong Community Development through a Safer Partnership

Because our Register links to LocalitEEE and is where EEESafe DAT’s are rated by consumers against our Safety Standards, you’ll be have the option to engage with your local community and help support people, their projects and good causes.  Each LocalitEEE will have it’s own Local Online Shop, dedicated to Sustainable Consumption and Community Safety with it’s own Social Network.

How your Local Currency Works

See how the Community Currency EEECoin works for your community and how we can run our own communities online. For more information, Visit HERE.