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The world is changing and all of us are becoming more aware of the need to live sustainably. Making more goods from dwindling resources is just not an option anymore and all International Countries are signing up to a world that cares for the next generation.

The EEESafe Branded LocalitEEE Community Hubs have been designed as a Social Model that tackles Poverty, in a Waste Prevention network to help meet the needs of the local Community.

For deprived communities LocalitEEE can offer an innovative Digital Social Currency called EEECoins that derives its credits from Waste Prevention and Consumers who can afford to purchase new goods.  Furthermore, Local Business can offer goods and services through the Sustainable Business Directory, and the LocalitEEE App which allows EEECoins to be cashed in.  These can be used in the Online Community Shop that can sell household items for a set EEECoin price.  LocalitEEE, through Trusted Partners can add EEECoins into it’s Digital Bank, allowing distribution to designated community members in creative ways.

Below you’ll find some of the current features, but there are many more right now as well as some new features coming out.  This includes our soon to be launched REEESafe Quality Appliance Components, where your Community can keep the money locally, instead of funding jobs and training elsewhere.

We’re looking for people to run our Audited Hubs, but if you didn’t want to operate your own Hub, you can become a Trusted Partner Organisation (TPO).  You would be able manage your own community and secure revenue sharing, group management and reports from your own managed community.  You can also manage distribution of our EEECoin Bank and drive social policy easily, when and if drivers shift.  If you want to look at some more detail, then check out some of the Hub Features.

If you want to join our business directory or community in our National Hub and use some of the features, then please visit it HERE.


Some of the Features

Through maximising Waste Prevention at a Local level, communities can meet each others needs more efficiently.

Evidence and Report the Prevention of Waste Arisings

Reporting Module Built in to evidence Reuse, Waste Prevention Tonnage & Units, Volunteer outcomes and much more from your Community.

Sharing Revenue Streams with your Community

Use your own Online Community Shop to sell goods to the community. Capture Faulty Electrical Items before they are passed on to other homes. Prevent waste from Housing Voids and sell or give them back to your community.

Repair & Reuse Platform

Serving the Community with Safe Repair of Electrical Goods and promoting the fixing of other Household Items.  Free home protection with our National Appliance Safety Register for Product Recalls.

Contribute to Governments' Savings and Targets

Help meet your Local Authority Targets for Waste Prevention and Reuse.

We can provide your Waste Prevention & Reuse Reports and more.

Training, Jobs and work with our Sustainable Business Register

Two week Training Course available and assessment to become a Competent Person EEESafe DAT for repairing White Goods in the Community.  This is Job Creation and Business engagement, through our  Local Sustainable Business Directory that’s EEECoin Enabled to work with our App for Local Goods and Services.

Charity Shop and Housing Association Opportunity

For Housing Associations, you don’t need to dump goods from Voids. You can upload them for your tenants and community. You can even shift the location whilst it’s advertised.

For Charity Shops, you can expand your reach and even operate Sub-Hubs in the Community. A great opportunity to increase your volunteers and revenue streams.

There are full reporting facilities built in, but we can provide your Gift Aid reports and Volunteer outcomes reports based on your community group(s) plus more.

You can have your own Community Repairers based on the estates, working and accredited to EEESafe Standards.

Online Digital Currency Model to tackle Poverty

Encourage and reward Volunteering to earn EEECoins  to spend it in the Online shop or with Local Businesses.

LocalitEEE gives 30% to Communities as well. Find out HOW 

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