Share to help us raise funds and build your Local CommunitEEE

A Community Caring & Sharing Sustainably

A Trusted and Private Community Network

Each Member that joins LocalitEEE is approved by the Community Admin. Everyone can join internal groups and friend each other and their own Community Dashboard to share or keep private, demonstrating their standing and positive activities in the Community.

Buy and Sell between Tenants

Use your local online Community Shop to buy and sell Household items to your neighbours, tenants or Groups.  For Landlords it’s useful to advertise items from Voids and help local people receive alerts. You can Auction, Purchase or Make offers on all goods to get the best price.  Unwanted items can also be passed to local material stream groups in LocalitEEE

Community Polls, Surveys and Consultations

In a Trusted known network Community, the Community Admin can allow Residents to raise Polls or raise their own to get snapshot views on any important issues, from any resident. Quizzes, Surveys and Consultations are also available. Invite local Councillors into your own community, and raise important topics that make a difference where you live.

Community and Business Engagement

Community Members & Businesses can be rated on their activities through Volunteering and workmanship.  Businesses can purchase EEECoins and commit them to the community and make offers just for Volunteers using EEECoin Exchange.  The community can see what businesses are truly contributing to the locality, and evidence their licences and standards in our Sustainable Business Directory.

Business and Community Events

Let local businesses, people and groups, promote their own events. These could be meetings, training, time limited special offers or group community sales and offers with local and major retailers.  Events that impact the community and engage could earn EEECoins to help stimulate engagemen. Tickets can be bought and sold through the Events Module.

People Value

No one in the Community should be undervalued as we all have our strengths and weaknesses. How about you launch a cuppa round your house and share what you know with your community. Post the event and tell others. Knitting, Sewing, Fixing a PC, writing a book, doing a website, Search Engine Optimisation, Healthy Living. Sharing is a powerful tool for all of the community.

Hobbies, Upcycling and Material Streams

Using your creative mindsets, you could start or engage with others in a Material Stream Group.  Whether your collecting a material to sell or wanting to upcycle or repair items, these groups can help earn you income where you live.  We operate the EEESafe Standard for Electrical Appliances and The National Appliance Safety Register.  Through these products, we pass work to local Repairers, but if you’re into bikes, textiles, tools or plastics, the we can help you retain the value of these materials for community benefit as well.

Community Resource Sharing

Share things with each other like a Car, Mower, Carpet Cleaner the list is endless. Earn EEECoins or Cash and make your item available as a Resource and book it through the LocalitEEE. You could even rent it out, if you want. Remember, you can monitor all this from your own Dashboard and measure your own impact on where you live, by tonnage, carbon savings, social value and soon a Circular Economy Metric.


Volunteering exists in our Platform and Community members can use our Local EEECoin Currency for products, services and food.  Request help, working with local Volunteer Organisations and our Coins could be offered or earned for simple tasks, to help meet your basic needs.

We donate 25% of the online community shop sales fees into your community and ring fence it for the local people.  Its distributed democratically by you the community, and it can also be purchased.  When it is, then 75% of the cash will also be given out democratically.