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Our Independent Register sets you free from Spam Emails and Sales calls from Manufacturers and Retailers. We only contact you if and when you have a Recalled Product in your Home.

Registered Appliances will become Digital Twins and contain Repair Histories by Certified Appliance Repairers.

Known as DATc Domestic Appliance Technicians – Certified who can visit homes or operate in Workshops. 

Also known as DARc Domestic Appliance Refurbishers – Certified who are only allowed to operate in Workshops.  This guidance is for consumers who feel vulnerable and do not want home visits.

They will be accountable for repairs and meeting the EEESafe Warranty Requirements and Compliant Reporting Standards.  They will have to pass a short assessment of their knowledge and understanding of Electricity and relevance to the Home Appliances Sector.

All known White Goods Products that are Registered will be prevented from being sold online and free alerts will be sent to Stakeholders and Citizens who have Registered the Items, should their products become subject to a Manufacturers Recall Notice.

Part of a full Circular Economy Model for all local UK Communities

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