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As a Landlord or Housing Association we can offer you a free service to protect your tenants, your properties and the lives and neighbours of those in close proximity.

In 2012 there were 2000 Fires caused by Large Kitchen Appliances.

In 2014 there were 1.2 Million new fire risks from large kitchen appliances alone.

We were promoted in the Chief Officers Fire Association Electrical Fire Safety Week toolkit. This was circulated to every UK Fire service in the country. Included in that was information about our National Appliance Safety Register.

Independent from any Manufacturer, we can supply you their own recommendations when one of their Products becomes an issued Recall and a potential fire risk.  However, we do not sell any products or services, giving you and your Tenants the assurance you won’t be targeted for products or service by any third parties.

If you are looking for a Registered EEESafe Domestic Appliance Technician (EEESafe DAT) for service work, we can pass your details on.  All EEESafe DATs are rated by customers and are required to record safety details on repairs, and offer to Register their customers Appliances to the Register.

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