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Product Recall Appliance Checker

Please use the Product Recall Checker below and ensure your own safety.

appliance-repair-technicianIf you don’t want to keep checking your Electrical Appliances to see if you have a Fire Risk then why not use our Free Safety Alert Service at the National Appliance Safety Register.  We provide a 24-7 service and if your registered appliance becomes Recalled, we’ll contact you to let you know.

CLICK HERE to Register your Current Appliances with us.  If you know the Make and Model, it only takes a few minutes to complete and you can register multiple large appliances.  If you are selling or buying a used Appliance, please ensure safety for new owner by checking first.

There is no site visit and no obligations and no further contact unless we discover your registered appliances are on the Recall list.

nasrHistory shows Manufacturer Registrations have left it too late to notify some recalls.  Additionally Consumers do not wish to have their details given to other Companies to sell extended warranties and associated products.

Now you have a choice as EEESafe will inform you if we find the slightest risk of a fire.  The choice will be yours, and furthermore, we don’t sell any other products or warranties, so you can have peace of mind, and no junk phone calls or emails as a result of registering with us.

Click HERE to check.

See below for one example of a Manufacturer leaving it too late to tell customers.  Can you trust them and any of their Registration Procedures?

Can you Trust the Manufacturers Registrations?

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