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womanchildwashingOur hope is that when you have finished with your appliance that you would consider donating it to EEESafe.  If you do, we’re not going to sell it, we want to give it away for someone living near you to repair, or use the spares. As a Standards organisation, we want those repairers to commit to our Safety, Social and Environmental objectives, so it gives us a chance to engage them, and part of this will be to ensure that the repaired appliance, goes back on to our register and keep the new home safe from fire and accidents.

Many Charities and Small businesses are helping people who cannot afford a new appliance, and we hate to see something going to waste or landfill, when someone else needs it just to help them have a basic standard of living in which to bring up their family.

People are forced into debt sometimes because they perhaps fell or hard times through a loss of a job, or may have even made a few wrong choices, which lets face it, we all do at some stage in life.


donatekidsBecause we are running out of raw materials, which the Governments of world recognise, we need to reuse and repair more and this is now a strategy in the UK.  We don’t have the skills of repair because we’ve been a throwaway society.  Therefore by giving your products to your community through us, we are looking to instill new Training Initiatives to create new jobs.  Jobs that may be required by you, your family or friends and through this Training, we can lead people into other trades with the skills they need for their chosen career. Donating the Goods to us is a vote to help create local jobs in your community and prevent large companies taking them to another part of the country.  Don’t let it end up on the Recycling Centre, lets prevent it becoming Waste and give you lower cost repairs to help prevent debt.  Click the Image to reach the Donate Page and Bookmark for the future.


buynewapplianceIf you’re thinking of buying a New Appliance soon, then you can help us to help people in your community by purchasing from one of our Retail Partners.  They won’t remove the old appliance and leave the appliance for us to find a new home.  Our Retail Partners will share a small revenue cut to help support your Local EEESafe Centre.  Click Buy New Appliance to visit the page where you can bookmark it for later purchase.

Remember, even a New Appliance can become a Product Recall, so if you don’t want to be pestered by Manufacturers and Retailers attempting to sell you extended warranties, you can just Register your Appliance with us and know that you are automatically covered.