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Sustainability in a LocalitEEE Business Directory

At LocalitEEE we believe Sustainability starts in the local community.  All over the United Kingdom, we are already formed as multiple local communities.  Currently Local Economics operate in a linear form.  We buy, dispose and create waste and we feel its time to “dump” that model and begin to move into a Circular Economics process.   It’s time to start looking after the world and all it’s inhabitants and one of the best places to effect change, starts with Local Communities.

So we created a National Social Network where local communities and businesses can help each other to tackle poverty in a sustainable way.  We call this network a Sustainable Living Platform easily recognised under the LocalitEEE Brand.  Linked to a Waste Prevention, Reuse & Repair system, it contains all the elements of a secure Social Network, including alerts, groups, friends and so much more.  One of the main features is an online Community Auction Shop where donated goods from households, can share revenues with the community or allow full revenues to  be shared with some of our partners.

In the last decade the amount of people in poverty in private rented housing has doubled.  Tackling Poverty is not an easy task, particularly when there is less funding around to help well meaning organisations and charities.

With less finance around to help impoverished communities people will understandably turn to Payday Loan companies and increase their debts. Whilst this continues, many families and their children are thrown further in to poverty.  In LocalitEEE, we’ve created a Digital Social Currency called EEECoins.  We’ve seen demand in our evidenced experience, for many household goods and services needed to help those who are in evidenced poverty. Working with Trusted Partners, we can now allow those who do the most for their community, secure their basic needs and services without getting into debt, and freeing up disposable income through the use of this currency.

UK Governments already have active strategies and policy that must reduce waste or they will incur heavy fines.  They are now required by law to demonstrate what they are doing, to prevent waste.  You can now inform your Local Authority that working with LocalitEEE, it’s possible to contribute hugely in meeting those agreed Policy Directives, their Targets and so much more.

Contact us, if you want more information on how to engage your community into our network.

wastehierarchyDid you know that Humanity uses 1.5 Planets to provide the resources we use, and that by 2030, the UN predicts that will rise to 2 Planets.  We need to repair and reuse more household items and we need to do it safely, without risk of fire especially when it comes to Used Electricals.  In the UK Revised Framework Directive, Local Authorities are now required to demonstrate.  The chart opposite shows in fact that Waste Prevention is preferred over Recycling. Reducing the costs of disposal for your Local Authority, should present a good argument for reduction of local taxes.

We want the money from the sale of goods to stay in the local community, and from the proceeds, we will put EEECoins into your local economy, to generate a network of communities that can spend hard earned Digital Currency wherever you are located in the UK.  There are some great new features soon, one that will allow donated food to be purchased with EEECoins, straight from the Retail Stores who participate. The weights will be included in the Tonnage reports the hub can generate.

If you are a business, you too can be involved with us and your community.  We would like to encourage you engage with our Free Sustainable Business Directory.  This is a Directory where Business meets Community working together in Sustainable Harmony.  Find out more HERE.

This is our LocalitEEE Sustainable Business mark.

Its awarded when a business submits its evidence of Sustainability in the Business Directory.

Other recognised Marks can be awarded in the Directory for free provided recognised Partners approve them.