ITV Reports again on Bosch and Hotpoint Dishwasher Fires

Prompted by todays ITV News item which highlighted again,  that age old problem of Product Recalls.  Unfortunately it was too late for some people and particularly Mr Danny Nash as you’ll see from reading Chris Choi’s excellent article and watching the video.  Chris is ITV’s consumer Editor.   Although the Manufacturers followed Trading Standards Guidelines, these very

Why PAT Tests in White Goods doesn’t always mean they’re safe to use

Today we publish our PAT Testing Technical document to highlight the importance of not just trusting a PAT Test on a White Goods Appliance, if you are purchasing or repairing a Refurbished or Reused Appliance.   The type of test applied when PAT testing an appliance essentially depends of the electrical classification the appliance falls

WRAP & EEESafe engage over unfair practice at Recycle Now

Late last year EEESafe contacted David Moon, the Head of Resource Efficiency in Products and Services at WRAP, about the RecycleNow Website. This website is basically manged by WRAP and it seemed unfair that WRAP were promoting some companies but not all, with regards to where donations could be passed.  We were particularly interested in Electricals

EEESafe advises the Scottish Government on potential dangers with PAT Testing

It was reported that The Electrical Safety Council (ESC) has joined forces with a number of other charities and organisations to promote better electrical safety in the Scottish private rented sector (PRS).  Article HERE We think that its great they have urged a series of improvements to electrical safety within the Scottish Private Rental Sector.  We