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Community Cash 4 Clothes

Upload your old Clothes

If you haven’t got a car to take your old clothes to the Charity Shop, why not upload them at the LocalitEEE Community Shop.

Best Price

Upload your clothes and invite Companies to bid for them.  A number of people are after your old clothes today, for textile recycling.  Others are selling them to raise funds.  Do you need funds at home?

Did you know its better for the environment if you collect locally, attract a local organisation to pay you for your collection, and then if you want to support a charity, send them the money.

Estate Collection

How about collecting a few of your neighbours old clothes.  It’s a great way to pop round and collect them over a nice cuppa.

If you get enough of you together, maybe external organisations will give you a collective bid for a sizeable collection.

Then you can all go out for a treat at a local pub or restaurant.

Create a Local Enterprise

If you want to create a permanent local enterprise, why not start out with our Free Community Voice module.

We’ll create your own Community, make you a Group Admin and then you can invite local people using Community Voice.

Once you’ve all polled, agreed and voted, Press ENTERPRISE and then allocate tasks to each member of your new Community Enterprise.

Build Currency to help your community

There’s no charge to upload your clothes. We just want you to enter the correct weight and bags.  This will contribute to the Saved Waste Figures that Local Authorities may want from you.

It will show on Community Leaderboards, and also if you pay our minimum charge of 5%, only if you get a Sale; we’ll put 25% of it into your Community Social Currency bank. In some instances, we can also put Cash into your Community.

Help Tackle Poverty where you live

As your Community Social Currency grows (EEECoins), at the right trigger level, you can invite local people to send in requests for help.

At the cut off time, you can ask all your community to democratically vote who should receive the Currency.

They can then purchase food, household products or anything a Business may offer in the LocalitEEE online Community Shop.

Your Community Assets

Waste is no longer viewed as waste. It is a resource and we want to help you maximise the benefits for your local area.

We can help you create jobs, and using more of our Sustainable Tools, you can increase even more revenue to spend for worthwhile local projects.

Other opportunities coming are EEESafe IT Spares, TV Spares, Mobiles, Cameras Appliance Spares & Local Training on repair of White Goods.  Check out Community Fixers.

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