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Training for Community Repairers

White Goods Training

There are opportunities coming with EEESafe for those currently in the Repair industry and for those to want to consider starting up as a local White Goods Repairer.  We are looking to pilot our new Qualification with a new Training Centre, either as the new  Primary Training Centre or working with them.  We envision a network of Satellite Training Centres in the future, based around the UK and Internationally to deliver our courses.  This will be developed over time, and will add to the thousands of previous Training Courses, prior to the new branding and creation of a True Circular Economy White Goods repairer.  The potential exists to support those who are passionate about the Right To Repair, and work with Manufacturers to help secure access to Technical Manuals, for ALL electrical appliances.

However there are a number of routes to establishing individuals as the preferred repairers for White Goods, who we seek to develop for the housing estates where you live.  Ultimately we believe the Qualified Repairer as opposed to our Certification and this we believe will be the customers choice.

Here is a link to download the Routes To Qualification EEESAFE QUALIFICATION ROUTES.

If you haven’t already expressed your interest with us then do so at our Enquiry Form, available when we announced the approval of our Qualification.

We will be publishing the various routes to qualification in the coming months, so stay engaged with us as we carefully develop our model.

Your Route to becoming Registered

A requisite route to Qualification if you haven’t been actively repairing goods, is to book your own 2 Week Certified Training Course and ensure you request inclusion of the EEESafe Element when booking it. Here are the various routes. EEESAFE QUALIFICATION ROUTES

Whatever route you choose you can apply to be EEESafe Certified, by submitting an online application for your EEESafe Card. This will become a Digital Card in the future and you’ll be told how to do this if you are on the correct course.  This has to be within an agreed timescale after your course completion.  You must have paid your £49 Registration to EEESafe in that timescale.  You will be given a set timescale to submit the documentation and evidence required depending on the route you choose.  When complete, you’ll be given an online assessment of your knowledge of Ohms Law.  Again details will be provided on the course.

Consumers will recognise a safe repaired or a safe refurbished appliance by the Registered EEESafe Labels

If there is a failure on your assessment, we will allow an extension of this period which will mean a total cost of £59 if you do not apply and complete within the 3 month window, but you must meet that deadline within a 6 month period of completion of your course.

If you have experience and haven’t completed the course then you can still apply through one of the routes, however you won’t be Certified and need to complete your application within a 3 month timescale.  Consumers are likely to prefer Certified over Non Certified, but we expect Qualified to be the most in demand.

Part of the new Qualification will require completion of an Online Unit (Unit 6), which is part of the National Occupational Standards, and relates to learning the importance of recycling and the environment, but also teaching about why it’s important to prevent Electrical Waste and offering the benefits and how they will be available to Registrants of that Module.

EEESafe Registration Requirements

When registering to become EEESafe DAT or DAR, you’ll be expected to produce documents that will include evidence of Repairs and Invoices, so if you are serious about working with us then give this due consideration.  We are seeking the Gold Standard in White Goods repairs, which you are going to be representing to the community where you live, taking your own responsibility for the work you complete.

This evidence to becoming certified are required as it is not felt that anyone can gain a good enough depth of knowledge in a short time if they haven’t conducted many repairs.  You will also need the correct insurance, which we can advise you on if required.  Please don’t apply to become Registered or Qualified if you’re not willing to take out insurance.  Consumers choosing EEESafe will be guaranteed this assurance when choosing someone they call you for a repair.

If you are looking to come on the course then you can download from here the EEESafe DATc Course Schedule . If you are interested in this then complete your course enquiry HERE.  Someone will contact you then to help ensure the course is right for you, and what you’re seeking to achieve from the course.  Please note, this course is mandatory if you are looking to become a Registered EEESafe Training Centre. (ETC) which will follow a different route and we’ll include details on that process. when you’re on the course, or if you’ve made an EEESafe Enquiry.

Local Skills for Future Generations

Through Waste Prevention, Safe Repair and local skills development, we aim to start building a world where we promote Safe and Responsible Consumption.

Using our standard protocols our Registered, DATs and DARs will become we believe, the most trusted and skilled tradesperson for White Goods Repair in their community.  But they will be real contributors living in your neighbourhood and engaging citizens with a Circular Economy.  Resources are depleting around the world, and we need to work together and our community model seeks to begin that transition, and include many incentives for businesses and citizens. Operating to EEESafe Standards and delivering transparent community benefits aligned to Tackling Poverty and Environmental government policies, this is a great opportunity to develop local skills that contribute to the local community as well.  In this model, you’ll be attributed for contributions of our cash donations to your community.  They will see that evidenced when looking for a Local Repairer, as your metrics and ratings will be available to them.

Leads for Waste Prevention, Refurbishment and Repair will eventually go to Registered DATs (Domestic Appliance Technicians) or DARs. Domestic Appliance Refurbishers who will have free access to our Sustainable Business Directory.

Recycling for Community Benefit

We are scoping another Qualification to teach Safe Dismantling of White Goods Appliances in the Community.

Consumers and EEESafe Technicians can learn safe dis-assembly to store and sell valuable parts and appliances.  This is aimed at lowering costs of repair where you live, and evidencing the metrics you and your community create in doing this.  The dismantling will be available directly from the Appliance Register and uploading them for sale or for gifting to others, will attribute you and businesses for creating Community Cash and Volunteer Currency Pots.  Our model is a Social Business, evidencing where we put our donated money to benefit your local community.  This is between 25%-75% as you’ll see in our future release, or if you’re engaged in any pilots.  We’re changing the way we live, working with our LocalitEEE site, and planning to offer majority ownership of the Online Shop to the community.

Our Drop To The Shop technology, directly from our Appliance Safety Register, makes it easy to move your old appliance when you’re ready to replace it, and ensures the old one is optimised for Community Benefits through alerts to Social Services, Volunteer Orgs, Charities, Licenced Waste operators as well as Repairers and Consumers where you live.

Work with others and engage with our Warranty Programme

We are preparing to engage the Trade, Reusers and Consumers in safely retrieving parts to encourage more repair and reuse at a local level.  Here’s one example of the problem, and what we plan to address.

As a Qualified EEESafe DAT or DAR, you can work together with Businesses, Social Enterprises and Charities.  Being the main contact on your housing estate, you can help them with repairs and collections or just directing your neighbours to engage in creating all the positive outcomes.

You could become the main and most cost effective route for any warranty work from external companies and manufacturers, but at EEESafe we should be able to offer local EEESafe Repairers, the ability to sell local warranties giving them a distinct advantage in covering out of warranty products.  This will also be much more cost effective for the Community who want to know costs are covered at a reasonable price on an annual basis.

PAT Testing for Waste Prevention

Following EEESafe Training Protocols, EEESafe DAT’s (Community Repairers) could PAT Test Appliances and conduct in depth testing on repaired items or parts in suitable environments. They could then sell them on the local Online Community Shop provided by LocalitEEE, which creates income and currency to help local people and groups as well as sells many other products that raise money for local people and groups.

PAT Test Certificates can be supplied with Advertised Goods if required, further ensuring your customers are buying a safer product.

There are lots of possibilities for our development, but anyone PAT Testing and using our Labels, needs to have an evidenced based assessment of their PAT Qualification.  You wouldn’t use someone working in an office, who PAT tests the companies IT equipment, to be testing a Large Domestic Appliance!

More in depth knowledge is required as we’ve shown already to Government, why PAT Testing Large Appliances doesn’t make an appliance safe to use in a home.  Government and Trading Standards, mislead the public that a PAT Test means an appliance is safe to use.