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Trusted Community Partner

If you don't want to run your own LocalitEEE Hub, then why not consider becoming a Trusted Partner Organisation.

You can manage the distribution of Currency from our own EEECoin Bank as well as additional generated amounts from your own Community.

As a TCP you can increase the amount of Social Currency with the Members of your Community.  You'll be able to distribute it to those most in need and focus on the key policy drivers that meet local and national objectives.  LocalitEEE puts 35% of all its earnings into the National EEECoin Bank.  Partners are literally Bank Managers to whom we give this currency to use as you see fit.

You will also have access to different reports showing waste prevention, reuse and volunteer reports.  Distribute Food, Products and Services to your Members using our LocalitEEE App and “Coin In” with your local business community as well.

Bring your Community into the LocalitEEE family and start living sustainably.  Contact Us soon.