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Volunteer Locally and rewards

Volunteer where you live!

There are many simple tasks in LocalitEEE that you can do to help your neighbours.  It’s a great way to keep active and even show potential employers, the evidence that you are capable of employment.  The Trusted Community Partners or Admins can also reward you with Social Currency EEECoins, which could enable you to trade for items, services and even food from local participating stores.  Where there are Pubs and Restaurants working with LocalitEEE you may even be rewarded with a Pint, Glass of wine or a meal.

EEECoin Rewards

The more volunteering you do, the more rewards you could have to trade with your EEECoins with local businesses, who may offer you some great local deals.  Foodbanks may also distribute EEECoins that would get you some great offers, but you’ll need to use our App or an Email to cash them in.  If you use our LocalitEEE Shop to sell items, you can also help to Generate EEECoins or Cash for sole use in your own Community.

Improve your Job Prospects

Once you’ve completed a few tasks, you’ll be able to optionally share your community activity.  This is a great way to evidence that you are active and looking for work, to any future employers in the community, or via the Job Centre where you are registered.  With a greater chance of volunteering where you live, who knows you may even find work nearer where you live.

If you’ve uploaded your searchable CV, your Community Activity will be added to show you’re active and looking for work. This will be on the Jobs Board and if you’ve linked to a Jobs Consultant, they will be able to help improve your CV and increase your chances of employment.

Skills Matching and Reports

Be comfortable with your volunteering as your skills can be matched to each activity.  Trusted Community Partners or Hub Managers can also report on their Volunteer Outcomes, and pass referrals from the system to Employers if requested.  You can be awarded badges that help evidence your capabilities, and you can be rated by the people who live near you and share just how good you are with some of the Hard and Soft Skill you possess.

Training Opportunities

There is huge potential for Training Experience with each Trade or Businesses Registered in our Sustainable Business Directory.  Many of the Companies will already be working with Training Providers, so you may be recommended for further skills development with them.   LocalitEEE is underpinned by a White Goods Safety Standard, which open up avenues to send you on our Appliance Repair training course.  You could become a Community Repairer in the fullness of time, or perhaps attend some other local Sustainable Training Programme with our partners.

Volunteer Requests and Task Matching

Community Members, Trusted Community Partners or Hub Managers can add volunteer requests to the community.   These are handled first by those accountable organisations, and you could receive an internal request on the network, if your Skills and Community rating match the requirements.  Usually you would live close, unless you said you were willing to travel.   Volunteer Organisations are looking to easily report their outcomes, but this is also helpful in getting to know your own local community and use the many Shared Resources available.  Getting rated by your Community can bring you gradual and Trusted recognition by your community; particularly as you’re awarded TCP’s badges.

Get to know each other & build your Community Currency Bank

You’ll be able to monitor your own achievements, friends and activities through your own Dashboard.  If you choose to share with others, they will see how you are living sustainably and just how much Social Currency & Waste Prevention you’ve contributed to your own community.  Remember, if you’re selling or getting rid of any household items, preventing them going to Recycling is better.  By uploading items to LocalitEEE on a “Pay only if you sell” basis at min of 5%,  instead of EBay, Amazon, Gumtree etc, any revenues shared with LocalitEEE, will contribute 30% into Social currency, for sole use of your community.  It will stay local and help many others who are in need of items all the time. You can then also partake in Community Leadership Boards and encourage all your friends and family to join and help tackle poverty.

Digital Democracy Tackling Poverty

Administering your Community Currency Bank is done either by a Community Group Admin, or someone you nominate if you’re leasing your own LocalitEEE Platform.

We call these PLEEECoins and the Admin initiates a call to Community Members, when he/she decides there is enough in the Community Currency Bank.  A defined time is lapsed and each community member can vote who is most worthy of the current PLEEECoin round.

It’s simple a case then of transferring the amount, and blogging how you’ve all helped someone living locally.  You’ll be able to see just how much volunteering they’ve done to help others, so that’s a good way of helping you to make your mind up.

We’ll be looking for Group Volunteer Admins to help us at LocalitEEE as well, so there’s plenty of opportunity for you to get involved.

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