How we Tackle Poverty, Climate Change and Circular Economy

The Targets to end extreme poverty by 2015 were more than met as the UN recently set new goals for 2030.  However as the population of the world continues to grow unchecked,  we all know that poverty is still going to exist.  There will always be those with more finance and material possessions than many others.

Recognising this we wanted to build a currency that would not be subject to the pressures pay lenders and banks put in place, therefore giving you more control of your finances.

“We wanted to put something into every community that put something into us.”

So we created and integrated the EEECoin into our Community Resource shop, where goods, food and services can be bought from people who want to help their own communities.

Every time you use our online shop to sell an item that would be thrown away, whether it could be repaired or reused as it stands, we will put 25% of our revenue share into the community of your choice.  We will put it into Social Currency (EEECoin) because it will never be spent, and can be used to trade for things you need, and not what someone would offer you for free.

Our shop can offer you FREE Listings of your items, with a minimum cost charge of 5% of the final sale value.  If you don’t sell, there is no fees, and you can set up automatic relisting.  When you upload the item, just choose the Community you want to support.  Don’t see it, then just request a new Community and we’ll take a look and perhaps create yours, and your Currency Bank to go with it.

Just remember to ask people to pay you some, or all of it in EEECoins. They are only 10 pence each, so by making a part cost of 100 EEECoins, someone will have to purchase £10 of EEECoins.   The best thing here is that we’ll donate 75% of Cash to the community of choice of the person who buys the EEECoins.  So that’s £7.50 to a community from the sale of one item priced at least at 100 EEECoins.  The rest is our managment and admin fees, which also help produce annual reports for larger supporters.

Digital Democracy

  • The money is distributed by the Community itself through a vote system called PLEEECoins. You can all decide who needs the money or currency based on a democratic vote.  The more items you sell with Coins in it, the more people are helped. A business can also sell using EEECoins and also have their own Community to assist in exactly the same way.  Our own Community Voice also lets you inform political decision where you live, and you can invite local councillors to join you in voting for your needs.

Your Social Marketing

  • Coins can also be “stamped” with what ever name you want, so that’s great for businesses, and you can always see then just how your Donations are being continually used in the system.  This is great for businesses who need to demonstrate their Community Support for funding and we can provide some of them with an annual report.


  • If anyone is looking for a volunteer, then purchase EEECoins for Volunteering.  Business partners who support volunteering will make special offers for those who volunteer.  Volunteer and Reward, is an incentive scheme is available to roll out for anyone interested.


  • If Sustainable Development is going to work, then we need Sustainable Living to support and strengthen communities, and give everyone a chance to stay away from debt.

Charity and Environment

  • All communities involved, will also see the Carbon, Food and Waste saved at their own Community Page.  Take pride in where you live, get engaged with us and each other. It’s not often you get to follow where your money goes. You can even choose to donate Currency or Cash to your favourite Charity or Social Enterprise. If it’s not there, contact them and get them to ask us for their Community Page.

Local Jobs

  • Local Resources being kept out of the Waste Stream can also help create local jobs for a Sustainable world.  We can divert items that need repair to Community Fixers which gives them local work, and then sell with free listings in our shop to keep it local.

EEECoins (with our own Monetary Symbol) is a Social Digital Currency that we’ve created and we want every community to get involved.  The EEE’s stand for Environment, Economy & Employment and our other sustainable living tools help regenerate local businesses and community, connecting us all locally to help meet our basic needs.

Watch our Online Presentation on LocalitEEE 

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