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How we Tackle Poverty, Climate Change and Circular Economy

The Targets to end extreme poverty by 2015 were agreed as the UN set new goals for 2030.  However as the population of the world continues to grow unchecked, we all know that poverty is still going to exist and more than ever, we are all urgently called to engage more in the Planets Problems.   More recent times have seen new Targets being set for the UK, with a Net Zero Carbon emissions for the UK for 2050. However more local authorities are signing up to this target for 2030, given the recent Extinction Rebellion protests, that we need to act NOW.

We need to engage EVERYONE, rich or poor as only a partnership approach is going to get us there.  Knowing and agreeing with that, we must accept that there will always be those with more finance and material possessions. However we believe that a Transition is required with citizens, their communities and businesses working together and we've been saying it for almost 7 years now.

Our Innovative Approach to quickly engage every citizen is one of using our Independent Appliance Safety Register which presents the opportunity for engagement to every citizen who owns a Large Domestic Appliance.  Such a model not only helps prevent Fires (60 per week) and Risks of fires from Recall Products (a BEIS and OPPS solution) it has the potential to bring everyone quickly, into a Rewards based model that assist in transitioning and providing evidence of the reduction of Carbon Emmissions, to help meet Planetary Climate challenges people and Government are now looking to attain.

Recognising this and the need to engage ALL of society, we have planned and are developing a local and global currency known as the EEECoin. (Environment, Employment, Economy) that would not be subject to the gains and losses of any Crypto Currency, but instead be one that we can gift in our new Charitable Award Winning Model.  We will donate Regular Cash Pots from the sales of each Communities' own Online Local Shop.  From the money, we will create the Currency and initially work with Volunteer organisations, to utilise the rewards offered by the local businesses.  This will come from our Biz Directory, and these businesses when selling their products and services through the local shop, will also be attributed for contributing the Cash and the Currency.  Consumers where they live, will see who are helping the local people and groups.

Local use of this Currency can facilitate trading between C2C, B2C and B2B, with incentives to prevent more waste and effect more repair at a local level, starting first with our own Regulatory approach to a Large Appliance Repair Standard and Qualification.  We see this expanding to a Network of UK Community Repairers working in their neighbourhoods linked to our Training.  Lowering the need to operate a Shop but instead being independently regulated by EEESafe to a safer standard, delivering lower cost repairs and possibly fulfilling all Manufactures repair work, lessening harmful environmental impact and delivering real metrics with sustainable, volunteering and poverty  positive outcomes.

Why wait for someone else to act.  We as consumers are the ones who can achieve this together.  We have 20 more Apps that use the Currency enabling us to changing the world, One Community at a Time.

As the currency grows in use (ring-fenced locally and/or transferred to other communities), through our LocalitEEE App, citizens can achieve and evidence the outcomes socially and environmentally, that will be accredited to them, and each community incentivised with community leagues as well.

“We wanted to put something into every community that put something into us.”

So we created and integrated the EEECoin into each online Community Shop for every locality in the UK.  This is where goods, food and services can be bought from local people who want to help their own communities, and build those Ring Fenced Cash Pots to support local poverty, people and groups.  We intend to give majority ownership to each community of each shop, thus enabling further revenue streams and incentives for people where they live, to engage in evidenced and climate issues.

The Uk Government, nor any other Appliance Register has a method of preventing the sale or gifting of used Electrical Appliances. Every time you use your community online shop (which does prevent Recall Sales) to sell an item that would be thrown away or to be used again or repaired, we will put 25% of our revenue share into the community where you live.  We will also create the equivalent EEECoins which will always be at a fixed rate so we don't encourage people to gamble on the Crypto Sector.  This too will work for local businesses selling new products or services.

Centrica offered us up to £2M a couple of years ago, but we refused as we wanted money to go back to the Community, and not to it's investors.  Registering an Appliance is free and always will be, but it opens a door if you choose, to a Sustainable Model designed to make a Global and Local difference, partnering with the right investors who will support you locally.

LocalitEEE Members and Businesses can also Purchase EEECoins at a fixed price of 10 pence each, which will be shown on the APP to evidence their community contribution.  An example would be with a purchase of 100 EEECoins, to purchase an EEECoin Priced product or service, someone will have to purchase £10 of EEECoins.   We will donate 75% of the Cash to the community where the person lives.  So that's £7.50 to a community from the sale of one item priced at 100 EEECoins.  The rest is our management and admin fees, which also help produce and run the environment.  Our plan is to give Majority Ownership of LocalitEEE and some additional revenue streams, to the people correctly constituted where they live and to the target of 66%.  It's doable as we've worked out the model fully and logically and we are also flexible depending on citizen interaction, where we can change the way society works together.  Imagine an Appliance still working, not going to the tip and selling it for £10. You get the £10, but if you sell it for EEECoins, it creates £7.50 in the Community Cash Pot.


  • If Sustainable Development is going to work, then we need Sustainable Living to support and strengthen communities, and give everyone a chance to stay away from debt.  We must transition to working in partnership with Local and National Businesses. There's only one planet and the alarming statistics we're faced with, are all over the internet.  We need Investors, which we believe are the community.  At the same time we also need to reduce consumption and planetary activity.  Working locally in our model will help to begin that transition and we can also engage in sorting material streams from becoming waste, and doing more repair as well as being paid as a Community, for those materials. Litter picks will now bring new revenues through your own Community Smart Bins.

Local Jobs

  • Local Resources being kept out of the Waste Stream can also help create local jobs for a Sustainable world.  We can divert items that need repair to Community Fixers which gives them local work, and then sell with free listings in our shop to keep it local.  We can, as an Appliance Repair Regulatory body, help develop the right standards for other household items, working to an evidence and safer set of standards, fully linked to Sustainability and tackling Poverty. The provision of Local Training Partners, can only help accelerated the Transition and build local economies.

Multiple Apps

  • We have multiple Apps to introduce to the community, utilising the EEECoin. We have structured Material Collection Streams and Community Owned Bins, all returning revenue to share with each Community Investor. That's who you will be, a Community Investor and the evidence will be shown on the App as well as your Volunteering Activity. We need to engage everyone in a big change and we believe it should be largely owned and run by each Community, where you live.  We need you to follow us on Social Media, and we need your engagement. All you need to do, to begin this transition, is Register Your Appliance.

We're happy to talk to anyone who wants to engage in potential trials or would look to using Community Funds to work with us.

All of this is possible by making your Home Safer, whether you've already Registered your Appliance elsewhere or not.

Remember this is going to be Your Community with revenues going to you, where you live.  “Changing the World, One Community at a time.”

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