Training for Community Repairers

White Goods Training Course

This is an opportunity for a 2 Week Certified Training Course to become a Community Repairer. EEESafe Domestic Appliance Technician (DATc).  Please note that there are Pre-requisites to becoming certified, as it is not safe to believe that someone can have sufficient knowledge in a short time.

You can Dowload the EEESafe DATc Course Schedule and this course is also a pre-requisite to becoming a Registered EEESafe Training Centre.

We are currently looking to recruit Training Delivery Partners who can deliver this course within their local regions.  Further opportunities are also to be announced enabling delivery of our Certified EEESafe Dismantlers Course.

Using our standard protocols and link to our Online Community Shop via our Register, DATs and DARs will become we believe, the most trusted and skilled tradesperson for White Goods Repair in their community.  Operating to EEESafe Standards and delivering transparent community benefits aligned to Tackling Poverty and Environmental government policies, this is a great opportunity for development of local skills contributing to the local community.

Leads for Waste Prevention, Refurbishment and Repair will eventually go to Registered DATs (Domestic Appliance Technicians) or DARs. Domestic Appliance Refurbishers.

On the job Training

There are many ways of delivering and engaging in our Training. This is from Volunteering and working with the  EEESafe DAT, to using the Training Material to deliver a full Qualification.

Reuse and Repair Forum

Access Training, Repair and Reuse Support Forums to learn and work with the trade and other Community Repairers. Technical oversight is available on the forums from the National EEESafe Trainer.

Recycling for the Community

Learn safe dis-assembly to store and sell valuable parts to benefit your local community.  Our new Appliance Register will offer uploading of Appliance Parts and Materials for the Licenced waste sector.  Courses will become available for the EEESafe Certified Dismantlers Certificate, enabling local repairers and the community alike, to earn revenue from prevented waste items and upcycling.

Competent Persons Card for Appliance Repairs

When you are ready, you can take your online assessment to obtain your EEESafe DAT Competent Appliance Repairer Card.

You’ll also recognise a safe repair or a safe refurbished appliance by the Registered EEESafe Labels

Help make better product designs

We are preparing to engage the Trade, Reusers and Consumers in safely retrieving parts to encourage more repair and reuse at a local level.  Here’s one example of the problem, and what we plan to address.

We are currently looking at a Design Module and through this we envision registered repairers and refurbishers, recording bad design on live repairs of different makes and models.  We will soon be looking for partners to engage in this project.

PAT Testing for Waste Prevention

Following EEESafe Training Protocols, EEESafe DAT’s (Community Repairers) could PAT Test repaired items in the home before they are sold on the Hub’s Shop or Classified Ads. PAT Test Certificates can be supplied with Advertised Goods.  All things are possible, but anyone PAT Testing and using our Labels, needs to have an evidenced based assessment of their PAT Qualification.  You wouldn’t use someone working in an office, who PAT tests the companies IT equipment, to test a Large Domestic Appliance!

WHY? Because PAT Testing itself with Function Testing does NOT mean an item is safe to use in a Home Environment. Read our Article for more details.

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